Product Center

Product Center
  • 同轴激光器
  • 光纤滤波器
  • Multi-Mode Pump Combiner
  • Fiber Laser Source
  • Delay Line Series
  • Photoelectric Detection Series
  • Optical Fiber Amplifier Series
  • Variable Optical Attenuator Series
  • Optical Power Meter Series
  • Optical Switch
  • Photon Source
  • Optical Passive Device Series
  • 声光调制器


Sichuan Ziguan Photonics Technology Co., Ltd

Sichuan Ziguan Photonics Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in August 2015, located in China's only science and technology city - Mianyang. Mainly committed to optical communication equipment and optical communication chip research and development, design, production and sales; It is a high-tech optical communication enterprise with independent research and development capability and large-scale production capability. Since its establishment, Ziguan has continuously invested in research and development to absorb technical talents in the communication industry, among which 5.7% are doctors and 22.8% are undergraduates. Our products are increasingly diversified. We not only have industry-leading optical switches, optical attenuators, optical fiber delay lines, polarization controllers, MEMS devices, high-speed optical detectors, silicon-based high-speed devices, pulsed fiber lasers, femtosecond fiber lasers, semiconductor lasers and optical path protection equipment (OXC). The company also provides core high-precision optical devices for lidar systems, quantum communication systems, laser fusion imaging transmission systems, etc. Among them, optical retarder, optical switch and optical attenuator series are the mass production products with core technologies. The product technologies have obtained a number of patent certifications, including 6 invention patents and 16 appearance, soft and utility model patents. The company has more than 150 customers, and has reached long-term and stable strategic cooperation with Huawei, China Aviation, China Power, China Academy of Natural Resources, and other well-known enterprises and units, as well as many domestic universities; The company has been awarded the honorary titles of "Science and Technology Small and Medium-sized Enterprise", "National High-tech Enterprise", "Mianyang Civilized Youth", "2016 Annual Honest Entrepreneurial Youth, "2019 Annual Intellectual Property Work Excellent Unit" and so on. Sichuan Ziguan Photonics Technology Co., Ltd. adhere to the principle of scientific and technological innovation, and always adhere to the innovation throughout the core value of the enterprise. The company emphasizes harmonious enterprise innovation atmosphere and is committed to providing a broad development platform for every employee; In the internal management of the enterprise attaches great importance to the team spirit, hoping to promote the development of the enterprise with the co-creation ability of the team; In the enterprise development, it emphasizes systematization and specialization, and is committed to providing customers with the best quality and comprehensive service with industry-leading products.


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